A quartet of middle class Iranians leave a party together. Farzad and Keivan are old friends. Farzad’s wife Lida and Keivan’s girlfriend Raha make up the foursome. They’re all either a little high, or tipsy, or simply tired and argumentative, so when Farzad hits something in the road he’s painfully slow to pull over. Keivan finds blood on the hood of the car, but they are afraid to go back and investigate further. Instead they drive to Raha’s apartment to assess the risks. Yet even then, Farzad seems perversely more interested in the Real Madrid game unfolding on TV…

We can surely discern the influence of Iran’s leading inquisitor of middle class morality, Asghar Farhadi, and his film About Elly in particular, in this tense and probing chamber piece. The hit-and-run drama proves just the inciting element in what proves to be a devastating dissection of multiple personal failings, secrets, lies and hypocrisies. As the younger of the two women, Mahoor Alvand, was accorded the Best Actress prize at the Fajr Internatioanl Film Festival, where writer-director Ramtin Lavafi also picked up the award for Best Screenplay.

Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Fajr 18



North American premiere
Director Ramtin Lavafi
Country of Origin: Iran
Year: 2018
Running Time: 92 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Persian with English subtitles
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International Village Mall - Cineplex Odeon 2018-10-06