Hamed & Nikpay Band live in "Vancouver"

Fusion vocalist, Hamed Nikpay, is returning to Vancouver with a new world class ensemble to perform some of his popular hits with a new rendition.
The performance will include selection of songs from the body of his work included in his albums and his singles arranged with a new sound as well as improvisations with the members of ensemble.
The ensemble will include :
Dan Sistos, who in addition to directing the ensemble , will be playing Electric and Acoustic Guitar,
Albert Abis on Bass, and Edoardo Tancredi on Drums. The vocals will be by Hamed Nikpay, who will also play Oud, Tambour, and Electric Guitar.
The guest musician :
Leo Chelyapov on Doduk,
Clarint, and Saxophone.

Hosted by :
Vancouver Iranian Film Society
Producer: Farshad Jamali & Hamed Nikpay 

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Centennial Theatre 2019-03-04