A Substantial View over the Valuable Cinema of Iran

In an interview with ICN, Azita Mogouei considered two points to be the most important elements in achieving an international credibility: having a substantial view over Iran cinema and paying attention to its values and merits.
We asked Azita Mogouei, the Iranian executive manager, writer and director, about the Fajr International Film Festival and necessary approaches to make it more credible in a global scale, and even turn it into a brand among all other international film festivals: “This is a hard question; since the Fajr Film Festival already has its special place and reputation. But if we want to turn this festival into a brand among the others and give it the value and place it deserves, I believe that the first step is having a substantial view and expectation about Iran cinema. Also, we should not look at this industry as a personal and exclusive one based on our own benefits, especially in the international area and department in which these greedy and mean attitudes can cause serious mistrust among the members of this specific society. I believe that with total honesty and the efforts of right people for the job, who are only concerned about the interests and benefits of Iran cinema, we can gain and have the trust of the international communities towards our cinema much faster.”

We continued with asking her, as the executive manager of Aria Persys Co. which is doing perfectly and efficiently in Canada, about the global marketing, and she answered: “There are many knowledgeable people to answer this question. However, we have started our work for almost a year and a half now. And during this time, we have tried to use all our power and experience to screen the Iranian films in Canada concurrent with their screening schedule and time in Iran. We have been able to bring many Iranian audiences to the cinemas, and also, we have encouraged many non-Iranians to watch our films. Before this, the process of selling the tickets for Iranian films was done discursively in the foreign countries. This focused and constant approach, which we are using now, is a new method, and if we have a comprehensive and professional view over this, and also, if we are able to continue this approach with honesty and a positive rivalry, it can be very much effective and beneficial for everyone.”


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